H.E George Chan, Ambassador of Taiwan, has released the Phase III funds for the National Plantation Development Project, worth SBD$2 million and the fourth payment of SBD$10 million towards the 2008 Constituency and Rural Development Project to the Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua.

Ambassador Chan said he is pleased to see the National Plantation Project Phase I & II go through very well.

"Since the country's forestry is diminishing in Solomon Islands, it is of importance to reforest. It is also difficult to find the balance between economic development and environment protection. The road of reforestation is strenuous. At this course, Taiwan is proud to make efforts to assist Solomon Islands to protect and rebuild the country's own forestry resources. I believe that this funding would not only avoid deforestation but also promote the skill of re-plantation of trees in the rural areas. In the future, the new generation of Solomon Islands will definitely enjoy a landscape of lush green mountains," says H.E George Chan, Ambassador of Taiwan.

Ambassador George Chan further stated that Taiwan fully supported the CNURA Government to implement the rural policy to help rural advancement in the Solomon Islands.

The fund is expected to contribute enormously to the alleviation of poverty and improvement in quality of life for the rural Solomon Islanders.

Ambassador Chan went on to urge those responsible to manage the fund properly and help rural people in their community without being bias.

In response, Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua thanked the government of ROC (Taiwan) for its continuous support of these two ongoing projects.

"The SIG will be committed to making the two projects successful. I strongly believe that the two projects will advance the livelihood of rural area people," says Prime Minister Sikua.