The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) handed over three containers of adult clothing to the Prime Minister's Office.

The containers consisting of both male and female clothes are part of Taiwan's assistance to tsunami-earthquake victims of Western and Choiseul provinces and other affected provinces.

Secretary to the Prime Minister, Rence Sore, and Chairman of National Disaster Council, and Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, Fred Fakarii, received the containers in a hand-over ceremony yesterday.

The hand-over ceremony took place at the Ports Authority wharf area in Honiara.

Speaking at the hand-over, Taiwanese Ambassador H.E. George Chan said the three containers estimated to cost SBD$2.7 million are proudly donated by a prominent overseas Taiwanese Company in Japan, Yugen Company Ltd.

Mr. Chan said the three containers is an effort to show love and concern from the people and government of Taiwan to the people who have suffered from the April tsunami in Western and Choiseul provinces.

He pointed out that a similar activity was held last year and it is by no means to initiate an impromptu donation in order to attain any political purpose for the moment.

"Our donation is very simple and decent with neither political agenda nor political consideration involved," said Mr. Chan.

He states that during this tense political season in Honiara, the Taiwan embassy wishes that their efforts will not be used for 'convenient scapegoat'.

"... to all Solomon Islands friends ... our humanitarian assistance and charity relief are sincere and have no political consideration," the Taiwanese Ambassador said.

In thanking the ROC Embassy, the Special Secretary to Prime Minister, Mr. Sore said the sincere gesture is very helpful for the people of Western and Choiseul provinces.

"Solomon Islands will remain true based on fundamentals of democracy movement," Mr. Sore said.

Chairman of National Disaster Council, Mr. Fakarii echoed similar sentiments to the ROC government for their gift to help people who have been affected by the April tsunami.

"The council appreciates the continuous support that ROC gives and I give assurance that the people must receive the gifts fairly in the assistance being given," said Mr. Fakarii.

Mr Fakarii said that the three containers will be sent over to provincial governments of the provinces for proper distribution.