The Embassy of Taiwan has awarded eight Solomon Islanders scholarships to study in Taiwan.

A handing over ceremony will occur at the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, where the scholarships will be officially awarded to the Ministry of Education and the students.

This has been the 7th year Taiwan has been assisting the Ministry of Education through scholarship awards.

The eight students have been selected from hundreds of applicants for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The lucky Solomon Islanders are: Ms. Jacinta Mae, Mr. Moses Tevea, Mr. Estee Nollomamei, Ms. Patrina Walekwate, Ms. Seralyn Ta'asi, Mr. Luke Vino, Ms. Samantha Mark and Mr. Eddie Ensli.

First Secretary to the Taiwan Embassy, Mr. Thomas Tsai stated that the students will be leaving for Taiwan on the 25th of August to study for five years.

The Taiwanese Embassy is hoping to increase the number of scholarships to ten in 2009, to give more chances to other Solomon Islanders.