Solomon Islands World Taekwondo Union (SIWTU) is the first National Federation to select their 32-member training squad for elite scholarships available with the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS) High-Performance program.

On Thursday 24th February 2022, the High–Performance Team and the taekwondo athletes made a historic step, a first of its kind for sports to be introduced in the country.

Categorized in the High–Performance Portfolio 1 (Combat/Weight sports) Performance Manager Moses Aunama Jnr welcomed the SIWTU Executive and their athletes while congratulating their efforts for seeing the importance of the sport system with the institute.

This was made possible following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SINIS which will enable SIWTU to access programs and services. The athletes went through 3 stages of induction and a brief tour within the ‘Home of Sports’.

“We acknowledge SIWTU for reaching this stage. It signifies a committed leadership for the development of the sport and we congratulate them for taking the lead going forward,” Aunama expressed.

Taekwondo athletes had the first-time experience to access physiotherapy, nutrition assessment, wellbeing consultations, strength & conditioning, coach rehab & the Talent Identification pathway.

Within a duration of 3 hours, the athletes went through health & physio screenings, tests where athletes accessed the gym & undergo a range of physical performance tests.

SINIS Executive Director Aaron Alsop said, “We are proud to be partnering with National Federations and through the support of the government, provide the high-performance programs and services to support the athletes and coaches in the daily training environment.”

Alsop continued, “Since consultation meetings started with National Federations in 2018, we heard all too often the barriers and challenges NFs, their coaches, and athletes faced in being able to plan and prepare for international competitions.

“Through the vision and support of the Government, we are able to now provide NFs with access to training facilities, equipment, performance services, and wellbeing programs. 90% of what SINIS offers has not been provided before to NFs on a daily basis.

“Through our dedicated staff and committed coaches and athletes, we will expect a significant increase in their development and preparation as a National squad.”

After a 6-month period, the High-Performance staff will provide a review and feedback to the Federation and individual athletes on their progress to continue with the scholarship program.

Source: SINIS Media