The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force is actively supporting the work of 10 local Crime Prevention Committees established to deliver educational talks and activities in settlements around Honiara, particularly those with concerns about youth and crime.

Save the Children Australia project officers since monthly meetings of Crime Prevention Committees started in 2008 has driven the initiative. The project focus is Children and Youth in Conflict with the Law.

Project manager Baddeley Nukumuna said Save the Children's project leadership was due to wind up in June and he was working closely with Police so the RSIPF could now take a more active role in community policing, directly with the committees.

Community Crime Prevention committees are now operating in Namoruka, Choviri, Panatina Valley, Zion, Gilbert Camp, Rifle Range, Kobito 1, Burns Creek, Forest Valley and Lord Howe settlement.

Chief Superintendent Nathan Ratu hosted the third meeting of local Committee chairpersons and representatives at Central Honiara Police Station on Friday to discuss crime issues and ways police officers could assist local communities.

The representatives were invited to attend Friday's morning parade at Central Honiara Police Station where they were formally introduced to the RSIPF officers.

Chief Superintendant Ratu encouraged the officers under his command within Honiara City Police to help support these 10 Crime Prevention Committees, whose representatives meet together on the last Friday of every month.

"The work of these committees to plan and organise local area activities and crime prevention talks is very important. These committee members need the direct support of RSIPF to make community policing in these places more effective," he said.

"The RSIPF is already making a strong commitment towards ensuring the ongoing success of this initiative."

Other activities undertaken by the Committee Crime Prevention committees also include movie nights, health awareness sessions and community clean-ups. The target audience for the committees is youth aged between six and 29 years.

Community Crime Prevention halls have recently been built in most of these areas, except for Zion where negotiations for a suitable site are still under way. The Canadian Government through Save the Children Australia funded the halls.

The halls are where community members can discuss issues such as crime trends and involve youth to help them develop a sense of purpose and pride in themselves and a concern for the welfare of other people in their community or village.

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