Tackling misinformation online is a real challenge, a Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) executive says.

Gina Maka’a, chairlady of MASI’s training sub-committee, uttered this at the end of a three-day training in Honiara yesterday.

The training, Reporting on COVID-19 – Combatting misinformation online, was funded by PACMAS, an Australian Government funded media training initiative for the Pacific.

The workshop was conducted in collaboration with MASI.

Maka’a said tackling misinformation is a challenge because of how fast bad news spreads.

“This is why it’s important for journalists to verify stories before you publish it,” she said.

“Always remember to verify stories before publishing them,” Maka’a added.

“Be fair, accurate, impartial, credible and balance.
“You are trained professionals. Do not let citizenship journalism pull you by the nose.

“And do not practice lazy journalism.”

Maka’a said MASI believes in capacity building for its members, adding they will be providing additional short trainings in the future.

Grace Williams of the Australian High Commission said her government was pleased to support the training for media workers in Solomon Islands.

“I hope the training offered you new skills that you can use in your reporting,” Williams told the 13 participating reporters and communication officers.

The training aims to combat online misinformation on COVID-19.

Source: MASI