The Coronation School will now have better computer access thanks to Christian organization the Short Workshop in Mission (SWIM).

The school received two sewing machines and two computers from the organization yesterday.

Speaking at the handover yesterday, school Principal, Francis Hoasipua said it is the first for the school to be in ownership of computers.

"For many years we have struggled and we are very happy with SWIM for helping our school with the contribution of computers and sewing machines," he said.

He said for a school that has always had problems with typing students' exams, "we will no longer have to go anywhere".

"These computers will boost the morale of teachers' work and both primary and secondary will enjoy the comfort of using the computers."

Mr. Hoasipua thanked SWIM for having the heart to help the Coronation School.

In response, Machi Rietveld of SWIM said the organization has given similar help to other schools.

"Donations are from Christian people in Australia who feel that there are people out there who really need such things," she said.

SWIM is part of Australia's Christian Reformed Church.