Dr Derek Sikua's legal Counsel has clarified that the constant adjournment of his client's petition trial can be blamed on both parties and not only on Dr Sikua.

Gabriel Suri, who is representing the Opposition leader in the election challenge made the statement after the petitioner, Alfred Lovanitila expressed disappointment at the continuous adjournment of the trial yesterday.

Mr Suri told SIBC News this morning that the hearing has been delayed not only because of Dr Sikua's absence but of the petitioners also.

He further explained that legal counsels often seek adjournments to discuss relevant court times.

Dr Sikua's petition hearing was rescheduled yesterday afternoon because he was in Central Islands Province.

It was among other adjournments made to the trial since it began in February this year.

The Petitioner's lawyer, Michael Pitakaka had also sought an adjournment last week because he had other court matters at the Magistrate's Court.

The trial resumed at the High Court this morning.