Surfing in Solomon Islands is fast becoming a favorite not just for locals but also visitors from other countries.

Solomon Times was informed that surfing is possible near the Gizo Hotel in the Western Province.

Great breaks can be found off two villages nearby the provincial capital, and a surfer can also enjoy desperate breaks.

The pleasure of riding waves can also be found in other provinces as well apart from the Western Solomons, including some sites at Makira-Ulawa Province.

"We have had a lot surfers from abroad visiting Star Habour and enjoying the huge waves," Ann Marie Kohaia told Solomon Times.

Reported best times for surf in the Solomons is between November and April.

Solomon Islanders are slowly picking on the new trend and enjoying the pleasure of gliding the waves on home-made surfboards.

"This is really good for our tourism industry which, in return, is good, tremendous and first-rate for our economy," said Joseph Afeau.

He said this area should be encouraged to attract tourists in the form of surfers to visit the country.

"We need to make this spot known for professional surfers and at the same time, encourage our locals to give this new sport a try," he added.

Another Solomon Islander, Irish Ronia from Malaita Province, said that if the surfing industry continues to grow in the country, "there is high chance of Solomon Islands being marked as great surfing spot".

She said that this new sport will "never grow old on the locals" who naturally enjoy the ocean.

Surf Solomons website states that there's potential surf spots throughout Solomon Islands.