Sun is shining and people are smiling after weeks of non-stop raining in the country.

Most complained of "staying put in the house" as heavy rain poured on the capital city, Honiara, for weeks on.

"I have finally cleared a huge load of laundry since we have had good sunny days, so I'm very happy," Martha Kia told Solomon Times.

Most approached random, especially the young crowd, state that good sunshine means good fun with friends around the streets of Honiara.

"For some of us with just our two legs and no transport, the sunny days are welcomed because we can now go about to do outstanding stuff," Ronald Keke of Naha Heights said.

Mr. Keke said the rainy days had him "walking around in the same uniform, wearing the same clothes to avoid piling dirty laundry because I have no one to help me wash them".

Concerned mothers welcome the change of weather as the rate of pneumonia and flu continues to increase in Honiara.

"The days of ongoing rain had me constantly worrying over our 5 months old girl because if we do not care for her properly, she could easily catch the flu," Samantha Mana said.

Hospital workers have blamed the ongoing rainy period for the recent outbreak with patients most affected the young children.

But on the other hand, those in the business of public transportation called the rainy period their "showers of blessings".

"I take twice the normal amount in a day during the rainy season in Honiara and consider those days my blessing," cab owner, John Kasi, said.

Others approached, including bus owners, echoed similar sentiments of cash "over-flowing" for them.

"Otherwise, the sunny days when too hot still gives us good income," a smiling Thomas Kaone said.

But come sun or rain, there is no stopping the fun-loving Solomon Islanders from greeting passers-by with their 'friendly isles' smiles.