Twenty Honiara and provincial coaches have successfully completed a one week level two coaching course at the Solomon Islands Football Federation Academy Friday last week.

Guest of honor British High Commissioner, Ray Davidson, said he was very pleased about how football is developing in the country and pledged to work in partnership with SIFF for further improvements.

"It is good to see such enthusiasm going to provinces because this will enable them practise what they've learned."

Meanwhile, a former Solomon Islands international football player, Bartram Suri, who is also one of the participants highlighted that it is the second time he's attended such workshop.

Mr. Suri said he's learned so many things such as techniques and many others from more experienced coaches and the trainers.

"This workshop is a stepping stone for us and I believe that we the participants will apply the skills we learn to those that we will be training," he said.

He also added that the new skills they've picked up will help football development of the country in the future.

SIFF General Secretary and Technical Officer, Eddie Ngava, also urged participants that the workshop's closing should not be considered as the end but a beginning for more improvements despite the many challenges football has been having.

Solomon Times also picked up from some participants the training will help bring them to a level of recognition not only from SIFF but the public as well.

Makira-Ulawa Women's Football coach Naomi Uwesi, one of only two female participants, said coaching a team is very interesting but needs commitment.

As a female coach, she said she was very happy to have attended the coaching course and assured that what she learned will help be applied in her province.

"I also encourage other provinces to send women coaches to improve women's football in Solomon Islands."

She emphasized that women who coach should continue to learn and develop the skills they have - not just sit there and do nothing.

Participants for the one-week level two coaching course includes 18 men and 2 women, conducted by two members of the Football Association of the United Kingdom.