Solomon Islands students returning to study in Fiji, or any other country for that matter, are reminded to check immigration and sort out permits.

Writing from Fiji's capital, Suva, Solomon Islander Josiah Maesua highlighted that a number of local students last year were supposed to be sent back simply because they forgot to check immigration and sort out their permit after given one or two months permits.

"They were faced with a lot of difficulties just because of their mere negligence," Mr. Maesua said.

He reminded all returning students that "we are in a foreign country and some people may see that as trying to evade immigration laws for which we could pay the consequences".

Mr. Maesua urged 2008 students, both new and continuing, to check their entry permits, adhere to time given for sorting out permits in respect of laws of the other countries.

He said being responsible students will help curb facing such unnecessary hiccups in preparation for a new academic year.