This morning, eight lucky Solomon Islanders received their scholarship during a handing over ceremony between the Taiwan Embassy and Ministry for Education.

With a total of SBD$3.6m, seven of the students will be doing their undergraduate studies while one will take up his Masters in Taiwan.

Speaking during the ceremony, Ambassador Chan stated that 'my country will continue to support the Solomon Island Government National Training and Education Awards Project.'

Speaking to the students he said that knowledge is a necessary tool for empowerment, therefore, "education holds the key to the human development of Solomon islands."

"The answer to prosperous economic development lies on the sustainable build-up of human resources," stated Ambassador Chan.

Hon. Job Dudley Tausinga, Minister of Education and Human Resources in reply thanked the Taiwan Government and stated that it has been a privilege to officiate the awards.

He also expressed appreciation for the 22 students currently studying in Taiwan who "had not complained of any problems associated with their studies and are all currently coping well."

He then urged newly awarded scholars to make the most of their opportunities during their studies in Taiwan and to "strive for the best in your studies."

All 8 students will leave for their studies in Taiwan, on the 25th of August for five years