Solomon Island students at the USP received their allowances yesterday after a long wait.

The last allowance the close to 900 Solomon Island students received was at the end of June and towards the first week of July.

As a result of the delay, the students had to take loans from moneylenders at an interest rate of 30 per cent per week.

The students were also unable to pay rent to their landlords, some of whom were considerate and fed the struggling students.

Some students reportedly survived on tea, fried peas and other snacks for dinner or whatever was offered to them by their landlords and other regional students.

Yesterday, the Solomon Islands USP Students Association president Samson Korai confirmed that students had received their allowances.

"The students who have accounts with ANZ have already received their allowances while those with Westpac are expected to get theirs later today (yesterday)," he said.

Mr Korai also clarified that no students were chased out by their landlords for non-payment of rent as earlier stated, saying there was some misunderstanding.

He said the food rations given by FMF sustained the students for a few days, as food was their main concern.

"I also wish to thank The Fiji Times for highlighting our plight last week, as only through it FMF came to our assistance.

"I also wish to thank FMF for helping us," said Mr Korai."