Timothy Manepuria Jr. is a Form 5 Arts student at St. Joseph's Catholic National Secondary School, Tenaru and hails from the eastern side of Guadalcanal, Marau Sound.

As part of the Games Village Project for the PG2023, Tenaru School has undergone renovations, and Timothy has played a role in enhancing the newly refurbished dining hall area.

NHA Media had the opportunity to meet Timothy while he was engrossed in his artwork, sketching on the concrete wall. These sketches will serve as the basis for his upcoming painting.

Timothy's artistic talent has been recognized by the school and the local contractors, who saw the potential in his sketches. As the official handover of the Games Village project approaches, Timothy's excitement and anticipation for the unveiling of his painting grows. He hopes that his artwork will not only enhance the dining hall area but also captivate athletes accommodated at the school during the 2023 Pacific Games.

Timothy takes great pride in knowing that his artwork will leave a lasting impression on the school for years and decades to come. This will ensure that his name becomes etched in the records of the school's history, forever remembered by its students and future generations.

It is important to acknowledge Timothy's exceptional contributions to the school's upgrade project, as they serve as an inspiration to his peers and a testament to the potential of young individuals.

The official handover of the Games Village project from the Australian Government and people to the Minister of the Pacific Games, Honorable Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, on behalf of the government and people of Solomon Islands, and subsequently to the school, will take place this Friday, October 20th, 2023.

Tenaru School will accommodate Team Solomon during the Pacific Games from November 19th to December 02nd, 2023. 


Source: Press Release, https://www.sol2023.com.sb