A move to the idea of legalizing gender equality for gays and lesbians in Solomon Islands receives strong opposition from the general public.

This comes amidst plans by the Law Reform Commission to change parts of the law in the country, among the change a move to legalize and grant equality on the gay and lesbian community.

Solomon Times was informed that gay and lesbian status is currently considered an offence according to the law of Solomon Islands.

Mr. Kabui said that being a gay or lesbian is "one person's right to choose his or her status".

He said that arresting someone of such status is having the law going against their nature.

"The law should be fair to the people of the country, regardless of gender issue, racial issue, religious issue," Mr. Kabui said in a media conference in Honiara.

Solomon Times took to the streets on the issue and received strong opposition from most approached from youths to the elderly.

"Legalizing gay and lesbian in the country would only encourage the breed of more," a young man, Nolen Basui, said.

In strong opposition, he said that Solomon Islands as a "long time Christian country" should never think of introducing such law in the system.

However, the LRC Chairman, Mr. Kabui said that they are not encouraging people but just want to be fair.

He said that nothing is concrete as yet on the move as consultations will start next year for public input and ideas.

Mr. Kabui said that legalizing gay and lesbian status is among many other changes that needs to be implemented to make the country's law effective in a good way for the people and to be fair to all.