Having no formal job to make ends meet is not the end, according to a bunch of young men in the Solomons.

Solomon Times came by a group of four young men along the road of Vura in East Honiara, working on a blocked drainage caused by heavy rain.

Curious to hear their story, Solomon Times approached the group who were more than happy to take a break from their grueling job for an interview.

"We are clearing debris that's blocking water flow through the drains," one of them explained.

Solomon Times was informed that the Ministry of Works has hired them to help maintain the public roads "because we need to do something to help instead of being parasites".

"We realized that we have been nothing but a burden to relatives so we decided to find jobs in areas that we are good at," Solomon Times was informed.

One of them added that they are trying to find money to fend for themselves and encouraged others who are doing nothing to "find small jobs like we are doing now".

"Life today is hard and we can't expect money to fall out from the trees, we have to sweat before we have money because we can't always depend on people we live with," another of the four contributed.

They said this shows that "you don't have to be qualified with certificates to be employed".

"For people like us who are referred to as 'masta lius', (one without a job) we can contribute in small ways to help our country."