Restricted movement and home isolation is crucial to reducing the rapid transmission of covid-19 in communities in view of the outbreak in Honiara and other Provincial hotspots.

Since the outbreak on January 19, health authorities asked people to self-isolate at home while practicing covid safety measures including frequent hand washing, coughing into elbows, social distancing and refraining from organizing social gatherings.

Home isolation is exercised since the current isolation centres are filled to capacity to take care only of patients that are critically sick with covid.

“If you think you may have come into close contact with any positives or have actually come close to them, please self- isolate at home as our current health capacity is overstretched,” Health and Medical Services Minister Dr Culwick Togamana said on Tuesday.

People that develop severe symptoms of COVDI-19 such as severe runny nose, shortness of breath, coughing and fever are advised to call the Saint John Ambulance on 111 for escort for urgent medical assistance.

Meanwhile, residents in emergency zones in Honiara and Malaita Outer Islands and potential hotspots in Malaita, Western and Makira provinces are advised to adhere to strict health advises and the latest COVID-19 regulations.

These includes remaining at home and limiting movements as much as possible, frequent hand washing, coughing into elbows and refrain from organizing social gatherings, maintaining social distancing of at least one or two meters and restrict persons visiting homes.

Source: MHMS Press Release