Our Telekom strongly condemns the vandalism of the public phone at the Rove Bus stop and also other locations in and around Honiara.

Our Telekom in partnership with Westpac Bank have funded the Rove Bus Stop with SIEA who provided free power for the installation of a public phone & lighting since 2005 as an initiative to support the Honiara Community for people to shelter and make calls while waiting for public bus transport.

However, the public phone has been vandalized. The Telekom and Westpac signboards which were also put up at that bus stop were damaged and defaced with paint and betelnut stains.

Our Telekom says that such actions shows complete disrespect for public facility that serve the communication needs of the public within the Rove area.

Vandalism of public phones is a setback to the efforts the company is taking to ensure that the majority of the people both in urban and rural areas can have access to telecommunication services. Moreover, these public phones are very expensive to buy and maintain.

Our Telekom urges the general public to report to police anyone found vandalizing public phones installed nationwide and seek communities who have such facilities to look after them as these are proven useful for casual users.

Press Release (Our Telekom)