Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale has hit out again at the seizure of COVID medical equipment donated to Malaita Province by Taiwan on 11 June.

The statement was made after Solomon Star published an article revealing that the Attorney General issued the orders for the seizure of the consignment.

The Opposition Leader says the revelation that the AG issued the order for the seizure was “shameful.”

He says the fact that the AG required seizure of the consignment on the basis of, “defiance of a government decision” and likely breaches of the Sedition Act, clearly shows that this is about power and politics, and not about enhancing our own people’s health and safety.

The “DCGA is clearly showing its true colours by holding this equipment for more than 10 days now. It is clear that the government is more concerned with toeing the line drawn by Beijing than in aiding the people of Malaita and Solomon Islands better prepare themselves in the fight against Covid 19.”

“This then raises the serious question, is the State of Emergency about the COVID 19, or about political point scoring?”

“If the DCGA is so confident about its authority within the law, why did they order this seizure secretly? Why did they remain silent for more than a week before coming out and why the ongoing delay completing whatever investigation is being carried out and releasing the consignment?” Hon. Wale further questions.

The Opposition Leader says the government must understand, if COVID 19 was already in Malaita, the seizure for 10 days has already exposed the people Malaita to the spread of the virus.

“This is inexcusable, and it only makes a mockery of our efforts to prepare our people against the Covid 19 and the State of Emergency.

“I therefore call on the government to stop dancing to Beijing’s tune and prioritise our people’s health and safety,” Hon. Wale adds.

Source: Opposition Press