There are now three confirmed cases of COVID-19. All three cases are students who recently returned from the Philippines and were in quarantine.

It is becoming clear that the virus is spreading inside the quarantine stations, largely because safety measures are being breached or ignored – students are mingling and interacting freely.

A report by the ministry of health found that students often gather in small groups for social and leisure activities - not complying with social distancing rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

With the third confirmed case of COVID-19 students in quarantine need to get serious about social distancing, including practising other personal safety measures such as washing of hands with soap.

Students in quarantine need to be reminded that all confirmed cases of the COVID-19 are asymptomatic. Meaning none of them show symptoms or signs of the virus, in fact all of them are “normal”.

It may well be spreading silently, and disregarding safety measures will make a bad situation worse. Students need to be conscious of the fact that the quarantine stations are becoming hotspots for COVID-19, and they must be more responsible before it gets out of hand.

Fact is students will be in quarantine for a long time if breaches occur and cases rise. It is already clear that students will not be allowed to leave quarantine until government is confident that the virus has been contained.