The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare has repeated his call on the Deputy Prime Minister to demonstrate leadership maturity and stop engaging in cheap politics of lies, fabrication of truth and buck-passing in his handling of sensitive matters.

The call was renewed in response to Hon. Fred Fono's outrageous and defamatory allegations against the Leader of Opposition claiming that he was conniving with former combatants to undermine the government.

Hon. Sogavare described the allegations as absurd and shocking.

"... only people who were sick in the mind could resort to deliberate lies and be comfortable," he said.

"This is not the first time that I was falsely accused of committing serious crimes by the present Deputy Prime Minister, because he was also part of a government that falsely accused the present Leader of Opposition for masterminding the 2000 coup.

"At no time did I or any member of the Opposition Group meet with the former combatants to undermine the government as alleged and therefore, I call on Hon. Fono to refrain from making false allegations in a desperate attempt to score political points.

"If Hon. Fono is looking for someone to blame for politicizing sensitive issues, he should look no further than his government's irresponsible policy statements on strategies to address the country's peace process which is marked with gross carelessness and negligence instead of barking up the wrong trees," he said.

The Opposition Leader said the CNURA Government has joined the queue with careless successive Solomon Islands Government for taking sensitive issues very lightly and blaming others when its stupidity backfires on it.

"The government must understand that outstanding compensation issues are inexhaustible and therefore require sensitive approaches to handle.

"The way the present Australian-backed CNURA Government is handling sensitive national issues are sending wrong signals to the people affected and if allowed to continue unchecked will cause immeasurable suffering to this country," Hon. Sogavare said.