New police recruits are urged to free themselves from "the disease of ethnic biasness".

Speaking at the graduation of twenty-nine new police cadets last Friday, chief guest of honour, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, said in a country prone to disunity due to "lack of nationalism amongst our people", there is need to think and advance the interest of Solomon Islands, "not that of our ethnic groupings".

The new recruits were reminded of the need to be proud of the global identity as Solomon Islanders.

"We are easily swayed by inclinations towards ethnic agendas, and our affiliations to groupings that advance very narrow interests," Mr. Sogavare pointed out.

The Prime Minister stated that there is need to "come out of these inclinations if we are to do justice to our efforts to unite this country".

Mr. Sogavare added that the concern for the country to strategically address the issue of unity is very crucial considering the desire of Solomon Islanders to adopt a federal system government.

"This concern can be effectively addressed through the adoption and operations of effective institutional arrangements that must act as a guarantee for unity," the Prime Minister said.

Mr. Sogavare stressed that one such institution is a strong and effective national law enforcement agency, which the Solomon Islands Police Force is an important part of.

The new graduates were reminded on the importance to instill the spirit of unity and nationalism in the force.

"... our recruitment into the force should be driven by our desire to serve the people of Solomon Islands," Prime Minister Sogavare stated.

Mr. Sogavare, in congratulating the new recruits for successfully completing 16 weeks of intensive training, reminded them to uphold the highest standard of discipline within the force.