The Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS) High-Performance program successfully hosted its inaugural Nutrition in sports seminar on May 11th and 12th 2022.

The educational session gathered athletes and coaches from various sports, giving them a basic introduction to nutrient and food knowledge.

The course is designed to provide the athletes/coaches with greater knowledge and enable them to understand, through practical examples, the types of nutrients that are essential to best improve their athletic performance.

High-Performance nutrition Fiorenzo Toncan commended the participants turn out, saying that the athletes/coaches are provided with a comprehensive guide and by completing the seminar, they should have a well-rounded understanding of sports nutrition that will maximize their performance output.

“Athletes knowing what nutrients are is important. This has significance when it comes to explaining a lot of strategies related to nutrition for their performance.”

She said that her department has conducted a ‘nutrition knowledge quiz’ on athletes and found that many athletes need to improve their basic nutrition knowledge, thus the seminar is a new learning curve for them.

“For this reason, nutrition education is considered to be imperative, not only for health and sports professionals but also for those who want to change their eating habits,” she says.

“The participants did activities regarding the nutrient composition of various food items, classification of nutrients etc. In our seminars and education sessions, we will do a lot of practical hands-on demos, illustrations and activities to engage athletes in."

She then confirmed that the SINIS will be hosting a Pre Training/Pre Competition Nutrition Seminar in two weeks' time.

Basic nutrition topics covered during the first two days seminar as follows:

  • Nutrients & Classifications
  • Functions
  • Food Sources
  • Importance of Nutrients to performance

This is part of the SINIS High-Performance ongoing delivery of Athlete Performance service for athlete development.

Source: SINIS Media