For the first time, the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS) successfully conducted a 3-days Coach Scholarship Interview workshop last week starting Wednesday 16th February, 2022

These workshops are part of the coaching scholarship application process, involving all sports for the XVII Pacific Games – provided to identify the final candidates that will be selected for designated scholarship programs offered for each sport.

Following the launch of the program, National Federations and interested candidates had submitted their applications, and those who met the agreed criteria, were invited to be part of Phase 1 of selections by participating in group interviews sport by sport.

The workshops were conducted based on each High Performance Portfolios - Portfolio 1 (Combat & Weight category sports), Portfolio 2 (Team sports) and Portfolio 3 (Racquet, Aquatic, Target & Individual sports).

High Performance coach developer Katea Ueresi said that the workshops are done in a way of assessing the coaches before taking up the program.

The coaches are asked to participate in a range of theory and practical sessions to showcase their skills, knowledge and experience.

“These are to identify the right people, a fair approach instead of individual interviews. We want to find out how the participants knowledge on coaching, presenting themselves, weaknesses and their interaction in group discussions,” Ueresi explained.

After the workshops shortlisted candidates will undertake a final interview, which will include the National Federation. Preferred candidates to be confirmed by the NFs and SINIS management to be awarded a coaching scholarship.

SINIS Executive Director Aaron Alsop stated that the High Performance program is proud to be supporting NFs with the first coach scholarship program of its kind in the Solomon Islands.

“We highly value the incredible contribution coaches make to sport and the dedication and commitment to developing themselves professionally and personally to become a better coach,” Alsop quoted.

“We also thank the work of our Coach Development team and the support from Helen Egan, a coach development volunteer from the NZ Volunteer program VSA. Without their hard work and passion to develop coaches, this program wouldn’t be possible.

Over 30 coaches were part of the workshop. There are a number of NFs who are yet to identify coaches to engage in the selection process.

SINIS will enhance the NFs and support their medal objectives for XVII Pacific Games, the High-Performance Coach Scholarships will help provide the coaching support they need in the Daily Training Environment (DTE) and Daily Competition Environment (DCE).

Source: SINIS Media