Some of our returning citizens have not complied with our quarantine requirements whilst serving quarantine.

This was revealed by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare during his first nationwide address for this year over the national broadcaster (SIBC).

“These people including students, labor mobility workers and some senior government officials have been mixing freely while in quarantine when they are not supposed to.

“Such behaviors breach Covid-19 regulations and can cause community transmission of Covid-19,” the PM said.

Mr Sogavare went on to say that it is incumbent on all returning nationals to remain in their rooms while in quarantine and only come out to collect their meals outside their room doors during meal times.

The PM further said that all returning citizens have signed compliance forms before they were allowed to board their flights.

He emphasized that the quarantine rules are placed in each room and that there should be no excuse for flouting the rules.

Mr Sogavare stressed that this problem only occurs with our very own returning citizens.

“All foreign nationals that enter our country follow our requirements strictly.

“It is sad that some of our own citizens blatantly disregard the quarantine rules. This simply means that these people do not really care about the people of this country.

“It raises serious questions on whether we should continue to spend so much time and effort to repatriate such people whose actions continue to endanger our front-liners and our country,” the PM said.

Mr Sogavare went on to remind all nationals serving quarantine to follow the quarantine rules without fail.

“We will not tolerate anymore breaches.

“In addition to extending quarantine times, such individuals will be charged under the State of Public Emergency (SOPE)," the PM warned.