The conference on 'Exploring Solutions to Political Instability and Governance in Solomon Islands-Potential for Reform', was the CNURA government's policy intentions to address the political instability in the country.

This was according to Prime Minister, Dr. Sikua, who further explained that the organized conference will help in the strengthening of political parties and regulating of behaviors of politicians.

Prime Minister Sikua encouraged the participants to make use of the opportunity to become the designers of the government's reform agenda for the country.

Participants at the workshop included Political Party Leaders, Former Politicians, NGOs, Donor Agencies, Trade Union Officers, National Parliament officials and other prominent Solomon Islanders.

Prime Minister Sikua further said that the country is in the infant stage of its parliamentary democracy; however, "the solution lies within the country and its people."

"The government alone does not have the answer, but even if we do, we still need stakeholders to be involved in determining and designing the solutions," says Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua.

Prime Minister Sikua concluded that the government's belief is that Solomon Islanders need to be encouraged to become involved in the smart search for solutions towards good governance and political stability.