A conference to 'Explore the Solutions to Political Instability and Governance' in the Solomon Islands began this morning at the Quality Inn.

Present this morning were Political Party Leaders, Former Politicians, NGOs, Donor Agencies, the Trade Union and National Parliament officials.

A Government Working Committee recently established by the Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua, organized the conference, as part of an ongoing consultative process to verify a most appropriate direction for the parliamentary and political party integrity reform.

The Speaker of the National Parliament, Sir. Peter Kenilorea, gave a key note address on the causes and problems of political stability and governance in the Solomon Islands

Sir. Peter Kenilorea said that the political instability and poor governance have plagued the nation 30 years after Independence.

Sir. Peter stated that political party related issues, the electoral system, and corruption at various levels, corrupt election practices, discrepancies between local cultures, attitudes and mordent party politics have had influence on good governance and political instability.

"The party system in the Solomon Islands has never been really strong and party politics has always been very complex," he said.

Sir. Kenilorea added that over the past few years, he noticed that the function and influence of the political parties have declined with time and with every new parliament.

Running for two days, the workshop will bring together ideas of reformation of the political instability and governance in the Solomon Islands.