Solomon Islands will have their first National Youth Parliament in either March or April 2009.

Information gathered from the Assistant Youth Development Officer, Luke Memua of the Ministry for Women, Youth, and Children's Affairs, was that, a Technical Advisor from the region will work together with the Ministry and look at how they would implement the Youth Parliament.

"The initiative for the Youth Parliament began last year but due to some difficulties and the need to review a few things, Youth Parliament will commence next year. The Youth Parliament was initiated to give empowerment for young people to express issues concerning youths around the Solomon Islands within the Parliament House," continues Mr. Memua.

Solomon Times was informed that the candidates for the Youth Parliament will be elected as that of the National Parliament.

He added that other countries in the region already established their Youth Parliaments but what they lack was the ability to influence their Parliamentarians to address issues affecting youths.

"Solomon Islands Youth Parliament will be different because we will make sure that youth issues will be discussed in Parliament," says Mr. Memua.