Most look to expensive resorts to wind down but this is not the case for a renowned Pacific music icon who finds Solomon Islands "the best spot".

"I love visiting Solomon Islands to relax after stressing over recordings of an album," Jason Hershey, best known global as Oshen, revealed to Solomon Times.

He said visiting his "favorite spot" is always refreshing as people mind their own business "unlike Papua New Guinea".

The PNG citizen who resides in Hawaii the past ten years said Solomon Islanders although knowing who he is do not hassle him.

"In PNG, taking a walk or strolling in town will have people swarming me with cameras."

He said the scenario is different in the Solomons where "people walk pass me, recognize me but just say hi with a smile and walk away, I like it this way".

Having traveled far and wide, Oshen said he considers Solomon Islands as "a brother country to PNG".

Oshen, 34, said his passion for music in the Solomons goes way back "even before the Apprentice band was formed".

"I am a big fan of Solomon Islands music and I would love to be part of your country's culture and music," he added.

"I do not want to compete in music with other musicians, which is why I am building strong ties with musicians in the Solomons."

Asked on the success of hitting the international music scene, Oshen said he is "very proud that my albums are recognized internationally".

"My music target is the Pacific but I am very happy to have fans global, and my music will live as long as I live," Oshen said.

Music aside, Oshen loves surfing and has his eyes on surfing in Gizo in the Western Province.