Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, has congratulated the new President of the United States of America, Barak Obama.

Dr. Sikua on behalf of the Government and people of Solomon Islands and himself, wish to convey to Mr. Obama warm and sincere congratulations on his inauguration as the 44th President of the United States of America.

Dr. Sikua says Mr. Obama was elected by his people to the leadership of the most dynamic nation on this planet, the bedrock and beacon of democracy, the creative heart of the world, the standard bearer for free enterprise, a bastion of believers in God.

Prime Minister Sikua says American citizens originally came from all corners of the world including Solomon Islands.

Dr. Sikua says Solomon Islands subscribes to the ideals which Mr. Obama represent as articulated in his speeches.

Dr. Sikua says Solomon Islands, small though it may be, will support Mr. Obama's leadership to instill the ideals he represent in world affairs.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sikua says as Mr. Obama is inaugurated to the Presidency, Solomon Islanders pray that God will continue to give him strength, wisdom and good people to support him in endeavours for his country and for the world.

Dr. Sikua says the people pray that other leaders of the world will become inspired by his ideals.

He says Solomon Islanders also pray and hope that when Mr Obama's children and children of other countries of the world reach the age of leadership, they will find that the world is a better place for them and future generations.

Dr. Sikua says Solomon Islanders join President Obama and his family, as he prays to God for His divine guidance and support, as Obama begins a new era in the Presidency of the USA.

Dr. Sikua says his Government is committed to working closely with the US Government as they strive to collectively address the many challenges facing our world.

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