Three staff officers of the Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association arrived early last week after attending a workshop at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

The 'Regional Results Based Management Workshop' was organized by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, for IPPF member countries.

The workshop trained participants from 9 of the member countries on how to asses their projects, monitoring of projects and how to write a project proposal.

In an interview with the three SIPPA staff, Solomon Times was informed that the IPPF conducted the training so members would know how to develop in making projects.

The objectives of the RBM was to understand the essentials of the workshop and development in skills of proposal writing.

Mr. Pitakoe said that the aim of the workshop was to have them give reports, or results, on everything happening within SIPPA.

"We had to report on all that has taken place, and our achievements within SIPPA," he added.

Representatives of the SIPPA delegation based their presentation on adolescent at the workshop.

"The workshop really helped me to understand that to make a project, we must start on planning the project before it is taken into action," said Mr. Pitakoe.

He added that the workshop has also helped him to understand ways to improve skills in managing and making good project proposals.

Another participant, George Hagi, said that the workshop has given him an understanding on how to do his duty in his position.

"The workshop is an eye-opener for me, I now understand how we can achieve goals we have put forward," Mr. Hagi said.

He added that the workshop has also helped him understand how to create good projects to combat whatever situation the country is facing.

In his view of the workshop, the third SIPPA participant, Ben Angoa, described their involvement as "one of the biggest achievement of the organisation".

Mr. Angoa said the workshop was an effective tool for SIPPA "because what we have learnt can help us to effectively achieve positive results on projects implemented."

He encouraged other organisations to attend international workshops as such because "we learn new things that can help in the advancement of our career".