Don Bosco Rural Training Centre at Tetere, east of Guadalcanal, launched its first ever 'Farmers Field School'.

The four year project is being sponsored by the International Potato Center.

A first of its kind, the sweet potato training that started yesterday is conducted especially for farmers in Solomon Islands.

Local coordinator, Lawrence Atu, said the FFS is a central consideration of the project which marks a significant milestone in planned activities.

Mr. Atu said that the farmers who participate in the training will learn more about new technology and ways of managing good farm of sweet potato.

Farmers will undergo a series of sessions and at the same time learning exercises right in the field for the whole duration of the sweet potato crop cycle, which is about five months.

Also speaking at the launching program, a FFS Specialist, Dr. Lilibeth Laranang said that with a screen-house for their experiment, they will learn more in the growing process.

Dr. Laranang said that they will learn how to make and record detailed observations, learn how to conduct simple experiments and interpret results, which in turn will keep farmers informed, independent and confident in their decision making.

She believed that the project will only be a success if there is proper cooperation between farmers who participate in the farmer's school.