The Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) Partnership will be a focal point of an exhibition on peace keeping and peace building being held at the United Nations in New York this month.

The exhibition Partnering for Peace, documents the experiences of peacekeepers in Solomon Islands, Bougainville and East Timor over the past two decades.

Solomon Islands Permanent representative to the United Nations, Colin Beck, who is co-hosting the exhibition, with the Australian, Timorese and Papua New Guinean Ambassadors to the United Nations, said it was a chance for the region to showcase their return to peace and the rule of law.

"Sometimes because we are on the other side of the world, some of the good stories we have to tell, just do not get told, like how working together as a region and across the areas of military, police and civilian reform RAMSI has been able to take a coordinated and very effective approach in support of the very goals the UN was set up to achieve."

RAMSI Special Coordinator, Nicholas Coppel, who travelled to New York for the big event, said he was delighted that the achievements of the Solomon Islands -RAMSI partnership were being showcased at the United Nations.

"The exhibition not only sets out what the partnership has achieved but also how the Pacific region can work together to help each other in time of need."

Former Permanent Secretary for RAMSI, Paul Tovua, in New York for the opening of the exhibition along with the Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Joy Kere, said the successful restoration of law and order was one of the most important elements that came through in the exhibition.

"it is time for Solomon Islands to tell the world that we are now a peaceful country and we welcome visitors and investors" said Mr Tovua who as head of the National Peace Council took a leading role in making the country weapons free.