Solomon Islands can choose to make the right decisions.

Chairman of Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Michael Hemmer, says the nation is "mature" and has the power to determine what the future will be.

"We can choose to start, now, after 30 years of trial and error, to make the right decisions, elect the right leaders [and] demand mature behavior and decisions from those we put in power."

Mr. Hemmer says in a nation with hundreds of islands and over 80 languages, "we must recognize that our individual strengths, when combined, will create a solid foundation for the future".

He says as citizenry of the Solomons, "[we have] the right and responsibility to raise ... concerns and demands with one-voice and one-mature-intent".

Mr. Hemmer says it is time to become a nation in a true sense and "... we must agree to be Solomon Islanders".