Solomon Islands Government has rejected an application from a group behind the much-debated University of Honiara.

Solomon Times received confirmation this afternoon from a reliable source who said the rejection was "due to certain circumstances that Solomon Islands would not benefit from".

It was revealed that responsible authorities within the government had looked through the files and concluded that the University of Honiara cannot provide enough for people as an online institution.

Solomon Times was informed that the Solomon Islands government had no idea about the University of Honiara and even if they knew, they would still want the man behind the application, Dennis Adomis, to clearly verify his establishment.

"If the government was informed of this university, they would be the ones to support it," the source added.

Solomon Times was told that the responsible body, the Ministry of Education, is the right group to give response and to authorize the use of the name 'Honiara'.

The source said the decision is not meant to create a conflict between the Ministry of Commerce and Mr. Adomis.

"The ministry does not have anything against him, he is the one who exposed himself with his establishments," Solomon Times was informed.

The source said that the right process that Mr. Adomis could have taken to make such an establishment and use the name is going through the Ministry of Education who will then register his business and put it through Register of Titles.

It was explained that since the right procedure of registration was not followed, the Solomon Islands government does not recognise the group to operate using the name of the country's capital city.

The source said the Foreign Investment Division did not have any problem with Mr. Adomis, but it was just a matter of procedure "to be clear with all background information with the link to Honiara being used, and Solomon Islands as a whole".

It is understood that the PS Ministry of Commerce rejected the application after screening the files.