Solomon Islands government declared former Attorney General, Julian Moti, a prohibited immigrant.

Speaking to journalists in Port Moresby, Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua said that Mr. Moti was declared a persona non-grata when deported.

Dr. Sikua added that as long as his government remains in power, Mr. Moti is not welcome back in the Solomons.

The Prime Minister made the comments in response to questions on possibility of accepting Mr. Moti back in Solomon Islands when he clears his name in Australia.

Dr. Sikua and his Papua New Guinea counterpart, Sir Michael Somare, did not discuss the Moti issue during talks held Monday in Port Moresby.

In October 2006, the former Attorney General was secretly flown in a PNG military aircraft out of Port Moresby to Solomon Islands after escaping from authorities who wanted him extradited to Australia to face child sex charges.

The Moti issue has contributed to the sour relationship between Australia and the two Melanesian countries.