The recent mass resignation of government ministers and backbenchers has created confusion among the general public.

Solomon Times took to the streets to hear opinions of ordinary citizens as the political crisis takes its toll in the capital city.

"People are confused with the way things are going in our government," one youth approached told Solomon Times.

The general overview among citizens is the need for government to listen and recognise the people's view of issues facing the country.

Ordinary citizens voiced the need for the government to be honest in their dealings for the country, and to be honest with the people of Solomon Islands.

One citizen said the unsteady situation in the Solomons is creating anxiety among the public and urge the government to put to a stop the attitude of "thinking like a child".

Another concerned citizen said that what the country needs is a government who will look out for the people of this nation instead of neglecting them.

"The recent Prime Minister is a very good man, a well educated man but I think the advisors are wrong and not good," he added.

Some posed on assumptions that the recent addition to ongoing political instability in the country is out of "personal interests" being pursued.

A sentiment reiterated among ordinary citizens was: "What our leaders must remember is that they are representing a nation and they should do what is right for the people."