Solomon Islands will continue to support Taiwan in its bid to become a recognized member of the international community.

The Solomon Islands Deputy Prime Minister, Manasseh Maelanga made the assurance during the Republic of China's Navy Squadron ceremony at the Lawson Tama Stadium last week.

Hon. Maelanga stated that the Solomon Islands government firmly believes Taiwan has fulfilled the fundamental principles and political realities of a sovereign state.

As such, Mr Maelanga says Taiwan must be given international space to participate and be represented fully and fairly in the affairs of all international organizations.

The Deputy Prime Minster said the bilateral relationship between Solomon Islands and Taiwan have been close and steady since the establishment of diplomatic ties 29 years ago.

Deputy Prime Minister Maelanga also acknowledged that Taiwan has played a remarkable role in restoring peace and hope in Solomon Islands.

Mr Maelanga said Solomon Islands' bilateral relationship with Taiwan will always remain special and unique and trusts it will be strong despite the challenges and changes in the international front.