Solomon Water officially launched its online services with Ezi Pei. Customers registered with Ezi Pei will now be able to buy their CashWater top-up using their mobile phones.

An agreement with Solomon Islands Postal Corporation was signed earlier this week for the service to be launched.

“Ezi Pei being the only mobile wallet in the Solomon Islands made it possible to use its service using any phone, any network, anywhere in Honiara. The service allows customers to send money, receive money, top-up airtime, pay for electricity and also pay for water,” Solomon Water said in a prepared statement.

Solomon Water says that Ezi Pei is convenient as it does not require a smartphone to access its services but also is accessible on the simple featured phone.

Solomon Water CEO, Ian Gooden said, “we are excited about this service as it gives our 5000 plus CashWater customers another option to top-up apart from queuing up at our customer service cashier outlets. This will further reduce payment risk, and provide our customers with flexibility in their CashWater payment.

Register now for the service at the General Post Office, Mendana Avenue, call 42070 or access more information on the Ezi Pei website:

Solomon Water will also launch an online top-up service through BSP bank soon.