Nine of Solomon Islands' most dedicated young triathletes are about to compete in one of Australia's biggest triathlon races - the Noosa Triathlon.

The arrival of the Solomon Islands team is already causing lots of excitement in Australia. Race organizers have organized TV interviews and two-time winner, Nick Croft, will provide the team with a pre-race briefing to make sure they can do their very best on race day.

The grueling 1500m swim, 40 km ride and 10 km run which takes over two hours will be one of the toughest races of their lives. For many it will also be the first time they have traveled outside Solomon Islands.

Ross Andrewartha, the Tri SI President, said the idea to compete at Noosa was to give the committed triathletes a goal to work towards and the opportunity for those unable to make national representative teams a chance to compete in an international event.

The team will leave Honiara on Thursday November 1st for the race which is on Sunday November 4th. Silentworld - shipping and logistics and supplies - are generously sponsoring the team to travel to Australia.

General Manager, Meyric Slimmingm, felt proud to support Solomon Islands in doing something that may change their lives.

"The Noosa Triathlon is very popular for the world's best triathletes and I know the experience of competing side by side with these people will be a huge thrill for the Solomon Islands team."

Slimming said young people in Solomon Islands who made the effort to train hard and improve themselves through sport deserved reward for their effort.

"No matter whether they come first or last, Silentworld is proud to be supporting people who are willing to have a go at making a difference to their lives and their community. I am proud of them all," Slimming said.

Team captain, Maxon Ala, who recently represented Samoa at the South Pacific Games, said the opportunity was a proud moment for the team as they had been training six days a week since March this year.

"Everyone is very excited about going to Australia, we are ready for it and I think we will also learn a lot," Ala said.

"In Samoa I met athletes from other countries and they all spend time training and racing overseas. Thanks to Silentworld - we Solomon Islanders are getting that same chance. It means a lot to the development of triathlon in Solomon Islands," he said.

Ala said he would like to thank the rest of the triathletes who were unable to make the team for all their support, and also the volunteers that assisted with the local races this year.

"In triathlon we race as individuals - but it is really a team effort as we need each other to make triathlon a success in Solomon Islands," Ala said.

Ala urged everyone in the team going to Australia to do their best and improve their mind, body and spirit from the experience.

The Solomon Islands team to Noosa is: Maxon Ala, Wilfred Bosa, Diana Buaga,
Rose Filia, Joseph Nuna, Stanley Ofasisili, Saniel Sumafelo, Nathan Thompson and
Nathaniel Walsasi.