Solomon Power has recently completed construction of a new power house station in Lungga, East of Honiara.

MAN Diesel & Turbo, the company responsible for the power station upgrade, says that the Lungga project represents the largest infrastructure investment in the Solomon Islands in more than 20 years, and will restore much needed reliability to Honiara’s electricity supply. As the power station is the main source of power for the nation’s capital, more than 65,000 residents will benefit from the upgrade.

The four MAN 9L27/38 diesel generator sets have been manufactured in MAN’s Indian-based production facility in Aurangabad and will add an additional 10 MW of generation capacity to the plant.

As the project was executed under an EPC contract with Solomon Power, MAN Diesel & Turbo had responsibility for the design, installation, manufacture and procurement of the necessary equipment with full responsibility for constructing the project. MAN executed this project with its experts from Denmark and Australia, and worked closely with local and international subcontract partners.

To help ensure smooth operations, MAN has provided training and continuous support to Solomon Power’s operations and maintenance personnel. The support has helped to develop the needed skills to run the new plant.

“The Lungga power plant is yet another important Pacific island reference for MAN’s 27/38 diesel engine,” said Michael Masters, Manager Power Plants Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Region at MAN Diesel & Turbo. “Our 27/38 engine features a unique design which allows the piston, cylinder liner, conrod and cylinder head to be removed as one unit. This allows for fast overhauls, thereby reducing downtime and increasing plant availability.”

The MAN 9L27/38 engine has excellent fuel consumption particularly when operating at part load, the company said. The combination of fast response and excellent part load fuel consumption makes it well-designed for hybrid applications which couple wind or solar generation with reciprocating engine technology, the company said.