The Commodities Exporting and Marketing Authority, CEMA, has resolved that Solomon Islands will no longer export copra to overseas markets as of next year.

A representative of CEMA, Alfred Ramo, says reason to the close down being that mills in Europe, which Solomon Islands normally sell copra, have closed down and are only importing coconut oil.

He says the other reason is that a lot of copra exporting countries are now moving away from selling copra to coconut oil.

Mr. Ramo says because of this, Solomon Islands will be processing copra into oil to attract higher prices.

He says it will also benefit exporters in volume, freight and returns for coconut oil.

Mr. Ramo says copra producers will also benefit from a higher price than copra.

He says this move is in line with CEMA's plans when it previously established six copra crashing mills throughout the country.

Mr. Ramo says the six mills were established in Tenaru on Guadalcanal, Gojoruru on Isabel, Kaonasughu on Makira, Malu'u on Malaita, Lata in Temotu Province, Tarakukure on Choiseul and Noro in the Western Province.

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