J Boog is set to rock the stage this Sunday at the Heritage Park Hotel, with tickets said to be selling fast. His catchy hit, let’s do it again, put J Boog on the map, spreading his music to a wide audience beyond the shores of Hawaii, where he now resides.

There is a natural theme to Boog's writing, love. It recurs throughout his work and never once seems contrived. J Boog, in recent interviews, says he writes what he feels and knows. When you listen, you'll feel he truly knows matters of the heart.

His big break came after the release of his "Back Yard Boogie" album in 2010, which featured J Boog’s hit "Let's Do It Again" produced by Don Corleone. The song became a huge hit in Jamaica, the spiritual home of reggae music, solidifying J Boog’s place in the reggae music genre.

J Boog is excited about the future and all the amazing progress he's seen in such a short time. These days Boog is either in a studio, on a stage or catching a flight. Come Saturday he will be catching a flight to Honiara for his much anticipated live performance.

Asked what makes him successful J Boog says it is humility and counting ones blessings. It's easy to see why J Boog has been winning over fans when you meet him. He has the right spirit and attitude to carry him to the next level. Honiara looks forward to welcoming this rising star – one of our own, a Pacific Islander of Samoan heritage, making it big!