Solomon Islands has described the Enhanced Consultative Mechanism (ECM) on the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) as a very important process "to ensure transparency and effective implementation of the Partnership Framework between the Government and RAMSI."

Solomon Islands Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Hon. William Haomae said this when he opened the 6th Meeting of the ECM in Honiara on 7th April.

The Partnership Framework, which was endorsed by Forum Leaders in 2009, represents a significant milestone as it articulates the jointly agreed objectives, priorities and mutual accountability of the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI.

The 6th Meeting of the ECM recognised the considerable progress already made by RAMSI and the Solomon Islands Government in implementing the Partnership Framework, noting in particular the provision of regular briefings by RAMSI to the Solomon Islands Cabinet, the establishment of a high level Joint Performance Oversight Group to monitor the implementation of the framework, and the setting up of a Performance Assessment System. The Meeting noted the completion of the first joint Performance Report on the Partnership Framework.

Members of the ECM acknowledged the significant work done by the Triumvirate (comprising the Permanent Secretary for RAMSI, Mr Paul Tovua, the Forum Representative to Solomon Islands, Mr Sakiusa Rabuka, and the Special Coordinator of RAMSI, Mr Graeme Wilson), noting that the ECM's effectiveness was also due to the high levels of cooperation and coordination by the Triumvirate.

The Solomon Islands Government also briefed the meeting on the report of the Foreign Relations Committee's Inquiry into the Facilitation of International Assistance Notice 2003 and RAMSI intervention, confirming that the final report would be disseminated to Forum members shortly through the Forum Secretariat.