Solomon Islands Red Cross Society now has a new Health Manager, she is Joanna Ramorii Tatalu. Mrs. Tatalu hails from north Malaita in Malaita Province.

Before joining the Red Cross, Mrs. Tatalu was doing part-time lecturing at the Solomon Islands National University under the School of Nursing and Allied Health Sceinces.

Mrs. Tatalu has a very good experience working at the community level with people. She was a community worker for a local community organisation in her area for four years (2008 - 2012) before taking up University Studies from 2014 - 2018.

Asked what drives her to join the Solomon Islands Red Cross Society, she mentioned her years of working with rural people down at her local community.

"I love working with people. Seeing Solomon Islands Red Cross Society being a Volunteer driven humanitarian organisation further drove my interest in working with the organisation and more particularly in reaching out to the most vulnerable", Mrs. Tatalu said.

Mrs. Tatalu takes on from the former Health Manager, who left at the end of September 2019.

Mrs. Tatalu graduates with a BA in Public Health from Fiji National University.

"The Solomon Islands Red Cross Society's Board, Management, staff and volunteers would like to congratulate her on this new appointment and also welcome her to the Red Cross family."