“We are very thankful that the crowds of people allowed Solomon Islands Red Cross Society (SIRCS) to help those in need.”

These are the sentiments of the Solomon Islands Red Cross Society, Secretary-General, Mr. Clement Manuri.

Mr Manuri said that during their first response to evacuate stranded people from Eastern Honiara to Western Honiara, the crowds were hesitant to let vehicles pass, until they saw the red cross emblem.

“When people saw the red cross flags, immediately, their reactions changed. They started to scream out “give way, give way, Red Cross coming through” and they started to make way for us, some even directed us to people who might need help – we wouldn’t have been able to reach those in need if we didn’t have the support and trust of the public.”

SIRCS does not take sides and always acts as a neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian organisation. Since the crisis started, SIRCS has helped to provide safe passage for 130 people.

Those in need of a safe passage included university students, stranded workers, high school students, patients from the National Referral Hospital, medical staff and those undergoing quarantine and specifically targeted families.

SIRCS also conducted welfare checks on senior citizens, provided food supplies to people affected and is currently leading the registration of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP).

Mr Manuri also commended the brave and hard-working staff and volunteers of SIRCS on their response.

“While SIRCS is grateful for the safe access it has been provided, we also call on everyone to not harm any ambulances, medical vehicles or healthcare workers as they are providing vital assistance to all those in need. Health workers must be allowed to work without threat to their safety.” said SIRCS, Secretary-General, Mr. Clement Manuri.

Source: Press Release