Solomon Islands now records its fourth positive case of COVID-19.

Health Minister Dr. Culwick Togamana says it was after the fourth round of testing the virus was picked up.

"This student was earlier admitted to the Isolation unit of the National Referral Hospital with Covid-19 symptoms.

However, he had tested negative 3 times already, and was only picked up on the fourth round of testing. The student was a close contact of the second positive case who is now negative. The student is at Isolation unit at the NRH", Togamana says.

Meanwhile Togamana says the first three positive cases has now returned negative.

"Fellow citizens, I am pleased to announce that the test results of the ‘fourth round of tests’ for all the students quarantined at the all our quarantine stations including Chengs, and the GBR quarantine stations have come back negative.

I am also very happy to inform the nation that test results for our first 3 positive cases have also come back negative", Togamana says.

The health minister says the government is now reviewing the dates in which they can release the students from the quarantine and isolation stations to their homes.

"We are confident we have contained the Covid-19 infection from this student as he was already in isolation and our staff had also ensured that any movements involving the student were done with full observance of PPE protocols", Togamana says in the special announcement today.

He reminds all Solomon Islanders to remain vigilant in the collective fight to eliminate Covid-19 from the country.

"Implement appropriate Covid-19 protective measures to ensure we protect ourselves and our families. If we work together, we will eliminate Covid-19 from our shore and carry on with our daily lives".