The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Patterson Oti, says Solomon Islands must develop proactive approaches towards global trade if the country wants to see improved national development.

"We need to respond to the challenges of adapting policies and institutions to the evolving trade regime. We cannot just step aside and let the rest of the world determine our position in global trade and in the global market." Mr Oti said Solomon Islands, regardless of its economic status, are not immune to the impact of globalization.

Minister Oti says that the Integrated Framework should provide the necessary mechanisms to harmonize trade between Least Developed Countries and donor partners.

The Trade Integrated Framework was established by the World Trade Organization to enhance trade capacity building for least developed countries, L-D-Cs.

"The I-F process therefore aims to bring trade and trade-related activities into the center of our sustainable development strategy - hence the need to enhance and facilitate the coordination of donors input into this process."