Media plays an important role in the Solomons, and is doing "a very good job", according to RAMSI Special Coordinator, Tim George.

Speaking at the launch of the Solomon Islands Media Assistance Scheme (SOLMAS) at the Leilei resort last Friday, Mr. George stated that RAMSI, as in the past, has been able to provide the support in the important work in the media of Solomon Islands.

Mr. George said that to answer people who may wonder why RAMSI is providing assistance to the media in the Solomons, "RAMSI ... has been working with institution strengthening, work with government organisations, working with the police force, the Ministry of Finance and Council".

"Working with other element committee is very important," said Mr. George, adding that media plays a significant role in society.

Mr. George highlighted that with Solomon Islands, there are lots of positive and robust media.

He reasoned that the media in the Solomons has very interesting stories, a lot of good comments, wide range news presented and editorial, "they are doing a very good job."

The RAMSI chief said that media development in the country is important in order to reach out to people in and around the country.